Monday, June 24, 2013

Centennial Pediatric Dental Office

With a Centennial pediatric dental office, you can bring the whole family to receive thorough and gentle dental services in Colorado. Your children need to learn how to care for their teeth too and starting at an early age is the best way to instill the importance of dental hygiene for years of great results.

The team at Wagenaar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to providing dental care service for the entire family. Pediatric dental care consists of learning what needs to take place in order for your children’s teeth to develop well and avoid unnecessary cavities and problems. Your baby’s teeth should be wiped clean with gauze after feeding to remove food residue.

Small children’s should use a child sized tooth brush to clean their teeth and these should be replaced when signs of wear appear. Avoiding sugary beverages is a must for longer lasting teeth. With the caring hygienists at Wagenaar, you will get all of the information you need to keep your child’s mouth happy and healthy in Colorado. Make your appointment with us online or by phone today. We look forward to sharing what we know about dental care in order to make your family’s teeth healthier this year. 

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