Thursday, January 17, 2013

Teeth Whitening Centennial

Leave our office feeling more attractive than ever with teeth whitening in Centennial from Wagenaar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. We know that having stained, dis-colored, blotchy, or yellowed teeth and take a real toll of one’s self-confidence and projection. We help at Wagenaar with a couple different teeth whitening options.

There is a take home teeth whitening option as well as an in office teeth whitening option at Wagenaar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. It is up to you to decide which option will work best for you and of course you can consult with the dentist about what will meet your needs best. Teeth Whitening offers a way for many of our clients to get an immediate boost to their dental appearance without having any major work done.

By oxygenating the teeth using the appropriate products, the yellowing, discoloration, stains from food and beverages such as coffee and wine, will be significantly reduced if not, eliminated altogether.  In-office teeth whitening usually last for about 90 minutes from start to finish and you can leave the office looking and feeling great.

At-home teeth whitening is a week long process once you receive your custom trays, whitener and instructions. Contact us today at Wagenaar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule your appointment.

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