Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dental Implants Centennial

Missing teeth can cause you pain and embarrassment.  We know a healthy smile can boost your self-confidence and give you a sense of well-being.  We want to make your smile the best it can be. When you are thinking about dental implants in Centennial look to Wagenaar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.  We offer a wide variety of procedures to give you back the smile you deserve.

Dental implants are the single most important advancement in dentistry offering a modern day solution for missing teeth. Implant based dental restorations look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. They can support an active lifestyle and can give you back the quality of life you deserve. With an overall success rate of about 95% and almost 50 years of clinical research to back them up, dental implants are the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth.

A great smile is an asset. Dental implants take the place of the natural root of the tooth and are implanted into the bone.  We will build a custom tooth designed and shaded to match your existing teeth.  Dental implants will help not only your smile, but your bite as well.  Sometimes your new smile can be created in as little as one visit. 

Our kind, caring and knowledgeable staff are totally focused on you. We can work with your time and your budget.  Dr. Wagenaar can provide you with the smile you always wanted.  Contact our cosmetic dental care professionals when you are looking for dental implants in Centennial.

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